Hades (Esp) - Entre el Fuego y la Cruz (1985)

Heavy Metal band formed in Madrid at some point before 1985 by Gerardo López (guitars and vocals), Paco García (guitars), Niko del Hierro (bass) and Francisco Medina (drums). Niko was the founder of Saratoga and went through such important bands as Ñu, King Kong and Barón Rojo. In 1985 they recorded a mini-album with six tracks, entitled 'Entre el fuego y la cruz'. The themes were 'Entre el fuego y la cruz', 'Fantasía para el duende', 'Hades', 'La magia del rock', 'La reina' and 'El camino de los dioses'. The curiosity is that they never made official the appearance of the album, promoting it only through magazines and other specialized publications.
'Entre el fuego y la cruz' album was recorded twice. Firstly recorded at Trak studios in 1985 by Francisco Medina (drums), Gerardo López (guitars), Niko del Hierro (bass) and Eduardo González (vocals). As the singer went to the army, the company didn't want to release it without a singer and all test pressings were discarded, except one promo (MASA white label). However, the band distributed it as demo tapes in few quantities. Some months later it was recorded again with another singer called Adolfo Rubio and vinyls also were produced by MASA (black and pink label), 500 vinyls were pressed, but finally it wasn't released because of a worst quality recording despite Acuario records tried to make it at the end. Most of all those vinyls were discarded and no more than ten copies were saved for the members of the band from this second recording. Two covers were made. Vinyls from the second recording were put in the original cover, but as the first singer appeared in the front, new ones were pressed by Acuario with the right photo of the second singer.
Niko del Hierro (Bass)
Francisco Medina (Drums)
Gerardo López (Guitars, Vocals 0)
Eduardo González (Vocals 1)
Adolfo Rubio (Vocals 2)
Francisco García (Guitars)
Entre el fuego y la cruz (1985)
A1. La magia del rock
A2. La reina
A3. El camino de los dioses
B1. Entre el fuego y la cruz
B2. Fantasía para el duende
B3. Hades

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